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Patriot Pride

Key Student Pledge

I am a Key Elementary School student.
I hold the keys to unlock my success.
I pledge to follow the "Key Attitudes" of leadership, character, academics, and attendance.
These keys will help me to become a leader of tomorrow.
I accept the challenge to be the best that I can be.
I will make today the very best day of all, for this day begins the rest of my life.

Large group of students gathered in the gymnasium for an assembly.
Key Elementary Logo of a Revolutionary War patriot carrying an American Flag.

Patriot chant

I have the Key Attitudes, you’ll see
That unlocks SUCCESS for me!
Leadership, character, doing my best
All help me to have success.
On time, All the time, everyday!
Join right in and help me say
S – U – C – C – E – S – S
That’s the way we spell SUCCESS!
S – U – C – C – E – S – S
Key School is the very best!