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The Francis Scott Key faculty and staff are committed to providing a quality learning experience for every child, every day. To that end, we strive to utilize effective and current teaching strategies to enable all students to achieve academic and social success and become productive citizens. We work with numerous community and business partners to provide individualized time and enrichment to our students. Our students focus on the four key attitudes of leadership, character, academics, and attendance to help open doors of opportunity.  


Key Attitudes


At Key, leadership means setting a good example for others to follow. This could be shown by simply following procedures (even when nobody is looking) or picking up trash that doesn't even belong to you. In the classroom it means doing what is asked of you and working diligently. 


Character is treating others the way you want to be treated. Students are encouraged to think about how their actions will make others feel. For example, being kind to new students shows good character, kindness, and acceptance. Holding doors open, greeting folks with a smile, and helping your classmates are all part of the Key attitude.


Doing your best on your school work encompasses the meaning of academics. It is working your hardest and doing your personal best during lessons, on assignments, and on homework. It is being responsible for your class work and turning things in on time. A student doesn't have to have perfect grades to show this Key attitude. They only need to reach for their full potential on all learning tasks. 


At Key, we are on time, all the time. This is what the Key attitude of attendance looks like. To help your parents get you to school on time you might lay out your clothes and go to bed on time. Everyone gets sick and we understand that sometimes you just have to stay home. We certainly don't want to encourage parents to send sick students to school, but the Key attitude does mean that if its appropriate for students to be in class, they are  in class. 

Key Elementary Logo of a Revolutionary War patriot carrying an American Flag.

At Key, we value the voices of our parents.  Please take a minute to fill out the feedback form and let us know what  you think!

Feedback Form

Key Student Pledge

I am a Key Elementary School student.

I hold the keys to unlock my success.

I pledge to follow the "Key Attitudes" of leadership, character, academics, and attendance.

These keys will help me to become a leader of tomorrow.
I accept the challenge to be the best that I can be.

I will make today the very best day of all, for this day begins the rest of my life.