Francis Scott Key Student Handbook
  • Francis Scott Key Elementary Mission Statement
    The Francis Scott Key Community will ensure a quality learning experience every day for every child using current brain research strategies to enable all students to achieve academic, personal and social success and become positive citizens.
  • Welcome
    The faculty and staff at Francis Scott Key Elementary extend a special welcome to each student and parent. We believe that you are the ones who make our school a very special place. The purpose of this handbook is to help students and parents become acquainted with school and district procedures.
    Francis Scott Key has been a “shining star” in the Tulsa Public School System since it was built in 1960. It was recently awarded the Tulsa Public Schools “Exemplary Award” for the “district’s most improved school”. We are proud of our past accomplishments and present successes. We eagerly anticipate the future in which students, staff and community “reach for the stars”.
  • School Hours
    Regular school hours are 7:30 am to 2:35 pm, Monday through Friday. The front doors will open at 7:15 AM, students should not arrive prior to 7:15, teachers are not on duty and supervision cannot be provided before that time. Tulsa Public Schools offer a before and after school day care program at Key. Please contact them for tuition information (833-9486).
  • Address and Phone Number
    5702 South Irvington
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
  • Arrival and Departure Locations
    The front circle drive is for buses and day care vans only. You may park on the side streets or circle through the parking lot. If you pick up your child by the back south door, please keep the line moving and do not leave your car. If you would like to come in to pick up your child, please select a parking spot. If you should get to the south door and your child has not arrived yet, please circle back around. If everyone will follow these procedures and keep the line moving, pick up should go smoothly. Note: The new exit to Hudson will be one way out bound to Hudson only.
  • Early Release of Students
    Parents must come to the office to take a student out of school before dismissal time. The student will be called from the classroom to the office. All students must be signed out through the office. Students’ will be released only to those parents, guardians, or authorized adults listed on the Tulsa Public Schools enrollment form. Students are expected to remain on school grounds unless proper check-out procedures have been followed. School is dismissed at 2:35 pm. When a child is picked up early, he/she is missing last minute instruction and the whole class is disturbed. Please make every effort to schedule doctor and dentist appointments after school hours. If a student is picked up more than one hour early, he/she will be counted absent one half day.  Students will not be dismissed after 2:00 PM.  
  • Attendance
    Regular and punctual attendance is mandatory for student success. To receive instruction, a student must be in class. There is no way to make-up the instruction that is presented on any specific day. A good education requires continuity of instruction. We will follow all School Board Policies regarding attendance. There are a limited number of days a student may be absent before retention in a grade is mandated. If your child is ill and unable to attend class, please contact the school office (833-9480). He/she will need to make arrangements with the teacher to make up class work for the day/days missed. This is the student’s responsibility.
  • Students Late for School
    Parents must accompany their child to the office if he/she should be tardy. A tardy slip will be issued and will serve as a pass to class. Chronic tardiness (excused or unexcused), not only deprives you child of valuable classroom experiences, it also disrupts the continuity of the lesson for the other students. We are asking that you help your child develop a responsible work ethic by making sure he/she is present, on time and ready to learn. If a student is late more than two hours, he/she will be counted absent one half day.
  • Breakfast
    We are pleased that Key is able to offer “Breakfast in the Classroom”. This is a program that allows students to have breakfast with their teachers and fellow classmates in their classroom. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is usually the meal most students skip, this program assures that all students eat a healthy meal and reap the benefits of this meal which is centered on improving student performance. A child may choose if they wish to participate. It is, however, offered free of charge to all students.
  • Lunch
    Lunch is also free of charge to all Elementary students at Tulsa Public Schools.
  • Student Dress Code
    Francis Scott Key Elementary School will follow the district-wide student code for Tulsa Public Schools set forth by the Board of Education.
  • General Rules
    • Flip-flops – also know as thongs or shower shoes are not permitted. 
    • No shoes with wheels (wheelies or similar)
    • Excessively large or baggy clothes are prohibited.
    • Scarves, curlers, bandanas, sweatbands, or other similar head coverings shall not be worn in class or within the school building.
    • Caps, hats or similar head coverings shall not be worn to class or within the school building.
    • Sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) shall not be worn to class or within the school building.
    • Shoulder straps =must be a minimum of the width of two fingers.
    • Bare midriffs, immodestly low-cut necklines, off-the-shoulder, or bare backs are prohibited.
    • Shorts and skirts must be of modest length defined as a maximum of 6” above the knee of the wearer or not above the fingertip of the wearer with the arm fully extended, whichever is longer.
    • Students shall wear footwear for protection and hygienic reasons while on school grounds. House slippers are not acceptable footwear.

    The complete policy is in the Tulsa Public Schools 2008-2009 Code of Student Conduct- Rights, Responsibilities, and Consequences.

  • Security
    Outside doors will remain locked during school hours. The front door will remain unlocked. All visitors must report to the office before going to a classroom. Please come to the office and sign in. You will receive a “Visitors” badge to wear. If you have any security concerns, Key’s “Safe School Committee” meeting times will be announced in the Principal’s Newsletter, please plan to attend. You may also contact the school office (833-9480) at any time.
  • Volunteers
    Any parent or adult volunteering for study trips or tutoring must complete a background check prior to volunteering. Please see the counselor for forms and details.
  • Progress Reports
    Progress reports will be sent home to all parents during the 5th week of each quarter. This will keep you informed of your child’s progress between report cards.
  • Report Cards
    Report cards will be distributed to students on the eighth working day following the end of the quarter with the exception of the fourth quarter. Report cards will be given to the children on the last day of school or you may provide a stamped self-addressed envelope so that the report card can be mailed. Children must enroll a minimum of 15 days to receive a grade. Students in Early Childhood and Kindergarten will not receive grades for the first and third quarter, but a progress report will be included in the report card. First grade students will not receive grades for the first quarter, but will receive a progress report in their report card.
  • Medications at School
    very effort should be made to give medication at home. However, if you physician orders medication that must be taken at school, we ask that you comply with the following procedures.
    1.       Obtain from the school clinic the form “Authorization for Administration of Medication During School Day”.
    2.       Return the completed form to the school health assistant.
    3.       Provide the medication in its original container with no more than ONE WEEK’S supply.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Conferences are scheduled with every parent twice a year. Special conferences may be schedule at any time by calling the school office (833-9480). Conferences are designed to promote maximum understanding and cooperation between home and school for the benefit of the child.
  • Partners in Education
    Key Elementary is fortunate to have several “Partners” supporting our school.
    Bethany Lutheran Church                                Park Plaza Church of Christ
    Resurrection Catholic Church                          Tulsa Powder Coatings
    St. Dustan’s Episcopal Church                        DoubleTree Hotel
    Sam’s Club on Sheridan                                    Marie Callendar’s
    Johnny Carino’s Restaurant                             Parkview Baptist Church
    Smoothie King                                                    Gourmet On The Go
    First Fidelity                                                         Jeff’s Plumbing Co.
    We appreciate everything that our partners do for our school. Their contributions are numerous. They provide tutors, help with school supplies, provide a “Study Club”, matching fund grants and student incentives.
  • PTA
    The PTA (Parents and teachers Association) is the official organization through which parents and teachers join hands to work for your child(ren).
    Our PTA is made up of both men and women, who support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, community and before governmental bodies and others that make decisions affecting children. We encourage you to become actively involved members of the PTA. Your involvement and participation in your child’s “school life” demonstrates the value you place on learning.
  • Lost and Found
    The “Lost and Found” is located in the cafeteria. Notebooks, clothing, coats, etc, are placed in this location. Purses, eyeglasses, watches, etc, may be claimed in the school office. Please check on a regular basis for any misplaced items. (Be sure to
    mark school supplies and wearing apparel with your child’s name.)
  • Spirit Day
    Children are encouraged to wear Key school colors (red, white, and blue) on Fridays.
  • Study Trip Policy
    Study trips serve as an important “being there” experience for students and are a vital part of the curriculum. Key Elementary must have parental permission to transport students off school property. Study trip permissions slips must be signed and be in the school’s possession prior to the study trip. The official Tulsa Public Schools permission document must be used. Hand written notes and verbal approval cannot be accepted.
  • Community Guidelines
    • Mutual Respect - considering and honoring individual cultural values, beliefs and – includes respect for others, newcomers, children, teachers, parents, caring adults, personal property, individual property, individual skills, talents contributions
    • Attentive Listening – attending (listening silently with full attention), non-verbal encouragement, paraphrasing and reflecting feelings
    • Trustworthiness – practicing being dependable, reliable, honest keeper of confidences
    • Truthfulness – being honest about things and feelings, and being honest with ourselves and others
    • Appreciations/No Put Downs – statements of regard and recognition rather than negative derogatory remarks
    • Right to Pass – choosing the extent to participate in a group activity, particularly when it involves sharing feelings – does not apply to learning tasks when individual accountability is required (e.g. homework, taking tests, responding to teacher)
    • Personal Best – quality work, the possible performance given the time and resources available.
    Caring – To feel and show concern for others
    Common Sense – To use good judgment
    Cooperation – To work together toward a common goal
    Courage – To act according to one’s beliefs
    Curiosity – a desire to investigate and seek understanding of one’s world
    Effort – To do your best
    Flexibility – To be willing to alter plans when necessary
    Friendship – To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring
    Initiative – To do something, of one’s own free will, because it needs to be done
    Integrity – To act accordingly to a sense of what is right and wrong
    Organization – To plan, arrange, and implement in an orderly way; to keep things ready to use
    Patience – To wait calmly for someone or something
    Pride/Personal Best – Satisfaction from doing your best
    Problem Solving – To create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems
    Resourcefulness – To respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways
    Responsibility – To respond when appropriate; to be accountable for one’s actions
    Sense of Humor – To laugh and be playful without harming others
    *The ITI model – Susan Kovalik
  • Discipline Plan
    The goal at Francis Scott Key Elementary is to provide students with a quality education and environment which enables all students to succeed both academically and behaviorally.
    To help assure each student receives this opportunity, all students must follow the Learning Community Guidelines of:
    1.       Mutual Respect
    2.       Attentive Listening
    3.       Trustworthiness
    4.       Appreciations/No Put Downs
    5.       Personal Best
    Students are given at least three different opportunities in the classroom each day to correct any misbehavior on their part which are violating the guidelines. Teachers may provide specific interventions to assist and guide a student back to appropriate classroom behavior.
    Other behavior which may result in a student being escorted to the principal’s office may include, but are not limited to:
    ·         Fighting and/or aggressive behavior towards another person
    ·         Possession of a dangerous weapon
    ·         Disrespect to teachers or school personnel
    ·         Inappropriate language (profanity or obscenity)/or gestures
    ·         Destruction or vandalism of property
    All policies established in the Tulsa Public Schools 2008-2009 Code of Student Conduct – Rights, Responsibilities, and Consequences will be followed.
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